Pop culture and music have and always will be two of the most powerful influences in whatever I do. Everything I think about is related to pop culture, and I think I used to be a slave to the media but I have transitioned into critiquing it and using it to make something profound. Art to me is an external reflection of what one is feeling internally, it shows what can not be said explicitly.

Much of my work is spontaneous; the first euphonic sound of a song can set off a spark and act as a catalyst to my work. Some sounds can evoke so much emotion from my being that I can’t help but get up and get started. I can't tell you why I create what I do, but I can tell you that I want a reaction. I want you to pause for a second and I want you to feel nostalgic and sometimes maybe even a little bit uncomfortable.
Date: 2011
Concrete/Jungle concept. Created as part of a media arts culminating. Piece was presented with a sound clip mash-up of “She Wolf” by Shakira and Native American throat singing.
Materials: Wire, various feathers, string
Location: Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School, Markham
Date: May 2012
Notes: Model - Annie Duong
Date: Winter 2012
Notes: Elephant figurine from Thailand. Lamp. 70s wall paper.
Date: Early spring 2012
Location: Mccowan Rd, Markham
Notes: Taken on a foggy day, applied filter.
Date: May 2012
Location: Distillery District, Toronto.
Date: Early spring 2012
Notes: On the corner of Queen St W and Spadina.
Date: June 2012
Notes: Ad poster for photography class, photo taken on the way to Silver City, Richmond Hill.
Date: May 31, 2012
Notes: Candid shot taken after prom, in front of The Simpson Tower, Toronto.
Date: January 2012
Notes: Made as part of a culminating for Communications Technology class. Inspired by 60s-era gig posters.
Location: Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School, Markham
Date: April 2012
Notes: Candid shot of Marvin Tam and Arlen Duan looking through photos during a shoot for Ms. Montanaro’s photography class.